Talent Identification and Development

2018-2019 IFC Academy Tryouts

International FC Academy complies with Ontario Soccer Developmental guidelines as it relates to identifying and evaluating players and does not hold open tryouts in order to select players.  Our technical staff evaluate players, throughout the year, on an ongoing basis during training, games, and other soccer events.  Prospective academy players are allowed to participate in training sessions through invitation only during outlined tryout stages.


Players interested in joining the IFC Academy should register online to request a tryout and submit the following information: player's name, date of birth, contact details and playing history.


International Football Club 2018-2019 Tryout Stages
Stage 1
Objective: Select players for Main Roster.
Process: Tryout Registration and Invitation Only
Period: September 1st to December 1st 2018
Stage 2
Objective: Identify additional players, if applicable.
Process: Tryout Registration and Invitation Only
Period: January 14th to August 31st 2019