IFC Assist Program


The IFC ASSIST program is intended for IFC students of outstanding sporting ability who demonstrate athletic excellence in the game of soccer. The aim of the scholarship is to give young Canadian players the opportunity to showcase their talent in a professional football club setting.


Number of Scholarships


One (1) scholarship will be awarded per academic year.


Value of a Scholarship


The IFC Assist program is equal to travel flight and accommodations throughout the players stay. In other words, International FC students will pay domestic tuition fees during the academic year followed by the awarded scholarship.


Criteria for Awarding Scholarship


1. Soccer Excellence - Determined by IFC Technical Director, Giuseppe Mattace Raso.

2. Must be enrolled full-time at IFC.

3. Must enrol for the entire academic year at IFC - (January to December).



Scholarship Award


The selection will be annual, with the final announcement to be made at our year-end ceremony. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When would this opportunity be taking place?

The scholarship athlete would be traveling in the Spring season.


Is it for the player to go on a tryout or is it an exchange program?

The exposure opportunity will be a trial period whereby the player will be examined by the professional world of soccer and conversely the player can explore their ability in order to ascertain a relationship with the respective Club. 




If you would like to ask a question, please send an email to info@intlfc.com.


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