About Us

International FC is designated as an Ontario Recognized Academy (ORA) by Ontario Soccer. IFC members receive professional training at an affordable rate and compete locally through the Ontario Academy Soccer League (OASL).


IFC's attitude is to develop tomorrow's champions! Our objective is to identify and nourish local talent utilizing the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) training methodology under the direction of a full-time UEFA certified coach, Giuseppe Mattace Raso.  


In addition, we offer our players invaluable opportunities to participate in cultural exchange programs with other soccer nations. IFC players try out with professional Clubs across Europe and North America and enter into international and domestic tournaments to showcase their talents. We also prepare our student-athletes for the NCAA-Collegiate recruiting process.


To be a focal development program of amateur soccer in the province of Ontario.



To provide valued programs and services to our members utilizing a training methodology that strictly follows the F.I.G.C. tradition.

To objectively develop soccer players to their best potential, including providing them with international knowledge and exposure, so that they can successfully move to the next stage in their soccer life.



Our core values of fundamentals, collaboration, quality, and integrity are what we stand for.


FUNdamentals- We believe in the essence of the “beautiful game”, whereby players learn to enjoy the simplicity of soccer on their own accord.


Collaboration- We believe it is IFC’s duty to promote a unified soccer environment regardless of gender, race, class, faith, or culture.


Quality- We believe that IFC must strive to be at the forefront of soccer development and offer the best possible experience to its members-student athletes, parents, and spectators.


Integrity- We believe that IFC must be a model of fair play, tolerance, sportsmanship, and transparency.