COVID-19 MEMBER UPDATE: IFC Soccer moves to Step 1 on Friday, June 11th


Why are the new allowable forms of modified competition restricted on a regional basis?

As the Province of Ontario continues its progress towards a ‘new normal’ it is important to remember that we are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This practice of restricting modified competition, at first within the community (Club/Academy) and now on a regional basis, is done to prevent the unfortunate event of an outbreak, or spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As we continue to Return to Play this Summer, Fall and into 2021, the health and safety of the membership’s participants will always be our objective and will never be compromised.


When my team wants to play a modified exhibition game(s) with a new group, why do we have to isolate for 14 days before doing so? What does ‘isolation’ look like?

Gathering limits, which are outlined in the Government of Ontario Health Orders for indoor and outdoor facilities, must continue to be respected. A minimum of a 14-day period of “Team Isolation” will be conducted before playing games with a different team or teams.

This practice is done to prevent, in the unfortunate event of an outbreak, the spread of COVID-19.

During Team Isolation, enhanced training and modified games within your team and are permitted to continue.


What steps does our Club or Academy need to take to start training our players?

Your Club or Academy must review the critical sport specific steps and directives from Ontario Soccer, which requires a documented Return to Play plan (organizations can use the Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide as a reference), they must complete the Canada Soccer Risk Assessment Tool and the Club or Academy must adhere to municipal and provincial restrictions in order to start training.


When will we be able to play league/tournament competitions again?

Regular competitions can begin once the Province of Ontario has lifted social distancing restrictions to the point where matches can take place safely.

This would be considered Phase 3 of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play phases. Please refer to the Return to Play Guide for more information.


I have witnessed a Club or Academy not following Government Health Orders or Return to Play protocols. What should I do?

Please inform your District Soccer Association if you observe organizations disregarding Government Health Orders or Return to Play protocols. As Ontario Soccer membership, we are all in this together and it’s important to ensure we follow established guidelines to protect the health and safety of the participants and to ensure the province continues to progress through the Stages and Phases of re-opening. 




(Ontario Soccer Bulletin, 2020, I2020-025)

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